Weeknotes - w/c 1st July 2019

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Remote Family

We spent last weekend in London, visiting my brother and his family one last time before they up sticks and move to Singapore. My nephew, had an early birthday party - a sports party on a leisure centre playing field - which also acted as a leaving party for them and their school friends (kids and parents alike). Kids are amazing. Boundless energy. Thirty kids running round an open field in 33°C for three hours, only stopping for pizza and pop and to blow out the candles on a cake.

After the party we moved on to quality family time. Making the most of us all being together (my folks were there too). They’re going to have an amazing adventure on the other side of the world, and honestly we’ll probably speak to them just as much, if not more than we do at the moment, whilst they’re ‘within-reach’ in London.

I’m going to miss them, but we live in the future and that means that they’re not actually going away. They’re just in a different room when we video chat.

Taking a Short Break

I’m away on holiday at the moment. Just some time in the sun with my amazing wife. We’ve both had a bit of stress this year, so it’s great to get away from it all for a week, turn off Slack notifications (which is less stressful when the rest of my US-based company is also offline for the long Independence Day weekend), lay back on a sun lounger by the pool and catch up on some reading and some sleep.

This is going to be a real recharge holiday for me. I’ve been tracking my sleep for a few months and found that I’m struggling to get out of sleep debt. It’s a tricky cycle to break so hopefully this will help. Just completely switching off.

Well, almost completely. I’m still going to be reading a bunch of web dev books and articles and watching presentations that I’ve had queued up for a while. Just because It’s what I do for a living doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it.

Logikcull Interview

The company where I’ve been working for nearly nine years, Logikcull read my article about the importance of HTML as a core skill in Web Development and asked if they could interview me about it for their InHouse blog. I really enjoyed answering their questions and delving a bit deeper into why I’d written the article in the first place, torturing a few more analogies in the process.

We also talked about remote working and how I’ve found being a remote worker for Logikcull for so long, on a now entirely distributed Engineering team.

You can read the full interview here.

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