Somewhere for Things to Land

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In the olden days…

In the mid-2000s I had a blog. It was before Twitter and having a blog is just what you did. I sometimes had things to write about and discussions to have. Most of the time I was talking to myself but as long as I was getting things out of my head and onto the world wide web I was happy.

Then something gradually changed in me. Things stopped filling my head up. I became disenfranchised with my web design job at a large rail firm (metal rails for trains, not Ruby on Rails for nerds). I was still having conversations on the web but not so much on my own website. Twitter arrived and my thoughts and missives and nonsense were all compressed to 140 characters and put into a stream down which they quickly floated out of sight.

My blog is long lost. A victim of my tinkering as I've experimented with different content management systems without any real desire or inclination to write anything new. I think some parts of it still remain on a Tumblr blog. Somewhere.

Buzzing around

Lately though, things have changed again. I'm self employed now, doing things for myself and working in amazing projects that despite mostly being other people's products and dreams, I feel excited about and emotionally invested in. I've grown up a bit. My head is buzzing with disperate thoughts. I tweet like it's going out of fashion (which I suppose it is), but still find myself left wanting. I delete drafts because I know I won't be able to make my point within the character limit. The thoughts stay in my head, still buzzing around with the others.

My outlook has changed, for no real reason other than maybe my increasing age. I'm working harder than ever before and enjoying life more than I ever have. I'm getting fit, making money and spending it with my amazing family. Things are going on and I should make a note of them. I should get this stuff out of my head. It's not important stuff. It's not really 'on-topic'. It could be some ideas about improving my responsive webdesign workflow or it could be a recipe for a sandwich. It might be a rant about not being able to find trousers with long legs in high street shops or it could be a photograph of my little boy giving me a smile.

The bit where I promise to keep it up

As this stuff is already falling out of my head, I've opted to get the blog back together. This is a place for it all to land. Posting will likely be erratic. In fact, I might never get beyond my second post, but I've been getting into the habit of following through with things recently so you never know.