1. No Bread, Beer or Biscuits: How I Lost 63lbs in 100 Days

    / 4 min

    On the morning of Saturday May 19th, 2012 I awoke with a hangover. The previous night I'd been drinking in York with some friends and now felt truly awful, not just because of the booze and its after effects but because on a number of occasions on that night out that I'd been made aware of just how big a guy I was. Nothing mean or nasty was said. It was something I'd actually been bringing up myself, almost as an icebreaker. 'I'm Pete. I'm the big guy'. I realised I'd been doing this on nights out for a while.

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  2. Somewhere for Things to Land

    / 2 min

    In the mid-2000s I had a blog. It was before Twitter and having a blog is just what you did. I sometimes had things to write about and discussions to have. Most of the time I was talking to myself but as long as I was getting things out of my head and onto the world wide web I was happy.

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